Niklas Sejerø

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I Shall Turn Out To Be The Hero
Of My Own Life!

This is my website telling you who I am and what I'm able to do!
I'm a young man who strives for success! Both as a web-developer, skier and when my time comes, a loving and caring husband and father. My life is and have always been about improving myself on different areas, to expand my knowledge and achieve my goals.
My big passion is skiing, and I use every opportunity I have, to pack the planks and go shredding in the park or having fun in the powder.
I also have this amazing girlfriend who means the world to me and always is so strong and supportive in every thing I do!

"Behind every strong man, is an even stronger woman!"

With that true statement I think it's time to show you what I'm about.

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My Skills Is At Your Service

Coding Language

I develop in C# .Net
and I'm commonly known in MSSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Angular.JS, PHP and Swift.


I love working in a team, and have experience with being a SCRUM master.


I communicate closely with my customers, making sure the delivered product is great!


I'm used to working with a strict deadline and perform well under presure.

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If you find me interesting or just want to know more about me or what i can do, give me a call or send me an email and i will return to you as soon as possible!

+45 2854 2852